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"Casey is a wonderful and experienced midwife with a great sense of humor and a deep respect for the normalcy of birth and the power of women. Expectant families are sure to gain invaluable information and coping skills to carry them through their birth journeys. She is a kind and supportive guide for anyone lucky enough to work with her."
- Sylvie Blaustein, CNM, Owner of Midwifery of Manhattan

"I don't have a sister, but I don't need one, because I have Casey, who is even better. Full of knowledge, warm, reassuring, funny--there is no one better to have on speed dial when pregnant/post-partum/a parent/a woman."

-Emma Straub

“At a time when one can be overwhelmed by information (sometimes conflicting) and anxiety, Casey strikes the perfect balance of zeroing in on clear, evidence-based, practical information, having patience and understanding around the many questions and concerns of expecting parents, and doing it all with a much-needed sense of humor and absolute joy and passion. She is down to earth, incredibly knowledgable, warm, and made my husband and I both feel included and welcome to bring her all our craziest questions!

We did a private session with Casey before the birth of our second child and she was able to tailor the class perfectly to fit our needs as second-time parents, refreshing our memory on the basics and covering the most up-to-date information about current hospital procedures, medical recommendations and standards, some of which had changed since our last time around. She brought a really holistic approach to the class, focusing as much on our emotional health and preparation as on the physical and medical side of things. Just before bringing a little person into our lives to care for, it was wonderful to feel so taken care of by Casey! I cannot recommend Casey highly enough.”  - Megan Hart

"Casey has a way of bringing you into a calm space during her birthing class. She deftly guided us through learning how to handle one of the most important yet unpredictable days of me and my husband's life."  - Lisa Keskitalo

“We met with Casey for a refresher course a few weeks before we had our second baby. She was patient, knowledgable, and never made us feel silly or awkward for asking any questions. Further, when it came to the subtle preferences that are sometimes polarizing in birth plans (drugs or natural) rather than tell us what to do, she listened very carefully to what we wanted, and advised us based on what she heard from us. Plus, she gave us a recipe for lactation cookies!

Most importantly, Casey is a kind, calm presence and though we don’t plan on having another baby, if we did we would probably beg for another session. As it is, we feel lucky to know her, and recommend her very highly.” - Holly Bemiss

“Throughout our pregnancy, Casey was our go-to midwife every time we had a question (big or small) or an anxiety that needed quelling. Her recommendations and advice were always delivered with the perfect mix of empathy and evidence-based information. Her style might best be described as welcoming-and-funny friend meets intelligent-type-A professional. - Rachel Levy