Join us for group classes from preconception through the early stages of parenthood

Labor + birth class

28-36 weeks

The Labor + Birth Class is at the heart of Parent Craft, providing the essentials of what you need to know to prepare for labor, birth and beyond. 

We explore the fundamentals of labor and birth with an emphasis on how to promote an effective labor and navigate unexpected diversions. We develop a toolkit of techniques and resources to ready your nest and strengthen your partnerships at home and in the community as you prepare for this life-changing experience.

Topics discussed:

• What is labor and birth? What happens, when to your call provider and warning signs
• Toolkit of techniques for labor support, including specific  partner suggestions
• Common Interventions, Medications and Variations
• Identifying Internal and External Resources
• The Golden Hour: Initiating Breastfeeding
• Newborn Procedures and care in the first 2 days
• Postpartum Preparation  

One-Day Weekend Class 10am-5pm                                                     3 Week Weeknight Class 7pm-9pm
Cost: $395* 

*Cost includes: 
-partner or support person attendance
-our printed resource book
-snack fuel & herbal tea


preconception or 1st trimester

Casey will host this monthly session to welcome families to their pregnancy journey at Parent Craft.

Planning a pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience. In our Seed Class we will help you navigate this exciting and unpredictable phase by dispelling myths and exploring options while giving you the support you need to build the foundation for a positive empowering pregnancy, from Day One. 

Topics Discussed:

• Preconception Health & Nutritional needs of the 1st Trimester
• Choosing a Provider and Birth Location
• What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Visit
• Community Resources and Referrals  

Monthly 7-8:30pm 
Cost: $25
Partner or Support Person Welcome 
*Registration Required

Ask the Midwife: Q&A with Casey

come at any point in your pregnancy!

Have a bunch more questions after your last prenatal visit? Want to plan for what comes next? Come ask Casey in a supportive small group environment. In the rush of the NYC health care system, this evening is a chance to slow down, reconnect and learn from each others questions and answers. We will share resources and collective pearls of wisdom. Monthly Group Class and private phone consults available. Appropriate for any gestational age of pregnancy.

Cost: $25
Partners welcome
Pre-registration required
Private Phone Consults available: email us for pricing and availability

Fourth trimester

take while pregnant, ideally after labor + birth class

Breastfeeding / Newborn / Postpartum Support

The days and weeks after childbirth (the Fourth Trimester) are an integral part of the complex social, emotional and physical journey into parenthood . We will discuss the day to day challenges and exciting adventures of life as a newly postpartum parenting family.

Topics Discussed: 

• What to Expect in Baby's First Days
• Basic Newborn Care and the Needs of Young Infants
• Getting Breastfeeding Off to a Good Start: Latching, Positioning and Making Milk
• Care and Nurturing of your Postpartum Body
• Common Challenges: Crying, Calming and Sleep
• Creating Sustainable Routines
• Changing Roles and Relationships
• Enjoying Your Newborn Through Play
• Getting to Know Your Breast Pump
• Choosing Infant Gear and Supplies
• Baby Wearing Basics

Weekend Classes Available
Cost: $195
Partner or Support Person Welcome

new moms group - Beyond birth

babies 2-20 weeks old


Throughout history, regardless of culture, class, or geography, support for the newly parenting mother has been the rule, rather than the exception. This class provides a nourishing and supportive place for new moms and their babies to gather, share feelings and concerns, and learn together during the tender and dynamic postpartum period (your fourth trimester!)

This group aims to allow for each participant and their baby(ies) (2-20 weeks) to get individual attention, and is designed so that parents of newborns can get to know their baby and their changing selves week by week. Through discussion and interaction with your baby, we will explore topics such as:

• the Fourth Trimester and the pregnancy year
• your postpartum body
• daytime and nighttime feeding
• creating enjoyable and sustainable routines
• meeting your new baby (newborn play, sleep, baby q&a)
• making sense of changing roles and relationships
• stay at home outlook/perspectives on returning to work

Coming Soon Fall-Winter 2017-2018                                            Check back for details! 

*The nature of Parent Craft pregnancy classwork is to create a safe, intimate space where participants are able to share freely about their pregnancy experience and strengthen connections with other Parent Craft participants. Class size is limited to a maximum of 8-10 people. Please contact us with any questions.