Parent Craft offers pregnancy, birth and postpartum classes that draw from the Midwifery Model of Care and Lamaze Philosophy and are guided by a Certified Nurse-Midwife. We rely on evidence-based clinical wisdom to inform our decision making processes while supporting the unique components of this life-changing adventure. We will navigate through all your questions (and the ones you didn't know you had), together.

We work with each individual family to help you build a satisfying and supported pregnancy and childbirth experience.

Our classes offer a safe, supportive space that will prepare you to embrace the joyful chaos of your journey into parenthood. We offer a personalized, intimate experience with small group classes and private sessions.  

Our toolkit of techniques and unique resources will help you ready your nest and strengthen your partnerships at home and in the community. And since our families are only as strong as the communities around us, we invest in partnerships to create a better world for all our children. In September 2017, we created the Parent Craft Collective, welcoming perinatal providers into our space to further develop a community resource for expectant families. 

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